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You’re turning 50! You have had five decades of experience, accomplishments, and adventures. What do you do to celebrate this amazing occasion, something you have never done before?  A first of firsts?

On his 50th, Jason grabbed life by the parachute ripcord with an epic 15,000 feet tandem skydive over Semaphore Beach, in beautiful South Australia!

His experience began with a coastal scenic flight with stunning views of Semaphore, Henley Beach, Glenelg Coastline, Adelaide City, and the Adelaide Hills. Once the plane reached 15,000 feet, it was time to jump! Strapped to his trusty instructor, Jason leapt out reaching 220kmph for a 70-second freefall, his sense in overdrive!

It’s hard to describe falling at terminal velocity…the wind rushing against your body, butterflies in your stomach, your brain trying to make sense of what is happening, and your senses taking it all in, in the biggest rush of your life.

In a flash, the parachute opened and Jason got to steer his way down to the beach, in the most serene and beautiful part of his skydive.

Landed safely on beautiful Semaphore Beach, Jason was stoked to have had the experience of his life, one he will never forget.

What will you do on your 50th?  See our Skydive packages here, or Contact Us for more information or to use Zip Pay.