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Jackie freefalling from 15000 feet

Why we love to tandem skydive!

There are many reasons we love our job. The adrenaline rush, the amazing coastal scenery, soaring through the sky at incredible speeds, but most of all giving our customers the experience of a lifetime and seeing the smiles on their faces. It’s not every day you make memories that last forever.

Joshua and Victoria tandem skydive wedding proposal

15000 Tandem Skydive, Coastal Landing, and Marriage Proposal!

There is no doubt that a skydive from 15000 is one of the most exhilarating feelings one will ever experience. Not many things that can top that kind of adventure, but Joshua Pascale and Victoria Savino found the perfect way to do it.

Shirley Elliot Handicapable tandem skydive gliding

Anyone Can Jump with Coastal Skydive

We absolutely love giving our customers the experience of flight when they first skydive from 12,000 feet or 15,000 feet. We firmly believe anyone can skydive, no matter their age, or physical ability.

Why jump with Coastal Skydive

Why Jump with Coastal Skydive

Coastal Skydive is the largest and most popular tandem skydiving operator in South Australia. Hosting the largest aircraft among the Adelaide skydiving community, we offer the only beach landings, the highest skydive, and the largest variety of skydiving locations to suit every local and tourist taste.

World Skydiving Championships

Australia takes Gold at the World Parachuting Championships

Throwback to September and October 2018 when Australia hosted the World Parachuting Championships on the Gold Coast. This was the 23rd Formation Skydiving Championship and welcomed an array of new skydivers and seasoned veterans, including our very own Mark Gazley, director of Coastal Skydive, who helped put his team on the podium.

50 Years Old and Flying High

You’re turning 50! You have had five decades of experience, accomplishments, and adventures. What do you do to celebrate this amazing occasion, something you have never done before?