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Birthdays are milestones on the path of our life. Some are larger than others and some are simply EPIC!

Stephen had always dreamed of skydiving and had made it a big tick on his bucket list. On his Sixthiest Birthday, he made his skydiving dream a reality!

Skydiving on his sixtieth birthday

After his briefing with our veteran tandem skydiving instructors, he boarded the plane without fear, psyched for the experience of a lifetime.

Boarding the plane to go skydiving

After enjoying a beautifully scenic flight to 15,000 feet, Stephen was ready and keen to jump out of a perfectly good aeroplane. He leaped out with his tandem skydive instructor and had the biggest freefall of his life, for nearly one minute!

Tandem Skydiving at 15000 Feet
Tandem Skydive at 15000 Feet
Skydiving on his 60th Birthday

After an adrenaline infused minute, the parachute opened and Stephen slowly glided over beautiful SA in what many call the most spectacular part of a skydive.

Coastal Skydive Views

He then landed on Semaphore Beach and was stoked to have ticked skydiving off his bucket list! After some cartwheeling and rolling on the sand, he told us that the instructor had been more scared than him! What a bloke ūüôā

Celebrating his Skydive

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