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Your safety is our number one priority!

To provide the best experience, safety is paramount. We take pride in having an excellent safety record. We achieve this by ensuring:

  • Our equipment is state of the art and maintained to the highest standard
  • Our Instructors are of the highest calibre
  • Our team comprises of Australian Champions.
  • We are a member of the Australian Parachute Federation, which means we strictly adhere to the regulations laid down by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).
  • Our equipment is by far the safest available. For example, all of our parachuting equipment have automatic opening computers (AAD’s) onboard as back up and our aircraft is the largest, most modern and the only turbine aircraft in South Australia. So its reliability is superior to older piston engine aircraft.


We can guarantee you will get the height you pay for as our aircraft is powerful enough to go where others can’t.