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Coastal Skydive jump on Lee Point Beach in Darwin. We operate on selected dates during the Dry Season when the weather is great. Land on the beach in one of the most beautiful locations in the World! Limited positions available, get in quick! Next Available Dates: 2024 Dry Season May 18th, 19th 2024 June 15th, 16th 2024 July 13th, 14th  2024 August 10th, 11th  2024      

Package Includes:

  • Tandem Skydive from minimum 12000 feet!
  • Beach Landing at Lee Point!
  • 20 minute flight over the Darwin Coast
  • Video and Stills Optional

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RRP: $559

Person 1 details

Total $497

Check out these awesome vids to get a feel for what goes on!